Huncote Pavilion & Leisure Centre

This is a Gransprung floor by Granwood. Granwood block floors are a combination of sawdust, cement, and fillers which are heavily compressed into a block shape. The blocks are then totally saturated in linseed oil and then stacked to allow them to mature. This process meant Granwood floors were almost entirely free from expansion and contraction. While also being fire and damp resistant. Resulting in a very stable and durable sports floor.

The floor at Huncote Leisure centre required fully sanding, removing the old court markings and any deep scratches, stains, and indentations. Once we had fully sanded the floor we applied a coat of Granwax floor seal. Then left it to dry overnight. The following day our team of experienced court markers marked out and painted the required court markings. All to Sport England specifications. We then applied two further coats of Granguard