hardwood floor sanding

Hardwood Floor Sanding

Renovate Contracts Ltd specialise in the refinishing of all types of wood, bamboo, Granwood and Gransprung flooring. Renovate are predominantly commercial floor sanders; however, we do occasionally get involved in domestic homes too. Commercial floor sanding is carried out by Renovate Contracts Ltd throughout the UK; we offer a 24-hour, 7 days-a-week service and are exceptionally well regarded for our high standards of workmanship and expertise with floor sanding and sealing. No commercial floor sanding job is too big or too complex for Renovate Contracts Ltd to undertake.

Renovate Contracts Ltd offers virtually dust-free commercial sanding service during the day or night to suit our client's requirements and to ensure that the sanding and sealing process does not interrupt their trading or their business commitments. There are many different standards of floor sanding available in the market but Renovate Contracts Ltd offer the highest possible standards of workmanship to each and every one of our commercial floor sanding clients as standard. Renovate Contracts Ltd always use the best possible machinery and only the best sealing products and materials. This enviable reputation has earned us the accolade of being able to call Renovate Contracts ‘Junckers Approved Maintenance Contractors. This is a reflection of our ability to perform to the highest standards in the floor sanding industry.

We offer an overnight service which is important to many bars, restaurants, hotels and pubs where disturbance needs to be kept to a minimum. We regularly stain timber flooring in all sorts of colours, from the more traditional medium and dark Oaks to white and even black floors. We can also mix various colours to find something more individual. Our hardwood floors are coated in the most durable lacquers on the market, giving you peace of mind that the floor will last with heavy traffic.

Health & Safety is one of our biggest priorities and our commercial sanders have a built-in vacuum to keep the dust to a minimum. Dust particles can cause respiratory problems this is why we are so keen to keep a safe environment for our staff, yourselves and your customers.

Dust Free Commercial Floor Sanding

We offer virtually dust-free service to help keep the surrounding environment clean. When carrying out commercial floor restoration we use specialist equipment to ensure that all particles are drawn into the dust bag similar to a vacuum cleaner. The dust can be harmful when inhaled and we pride ourselves on our health & safety standards. Our dust-free system is particularly sought after in bars, restaurants etc. where dust particles can land on glasses, plates & food preparation areas.

commercial floor sanding

What's involved when commercial floor restoration takes place?

Commercial floor sanding is a process that involves refinishing and restoring the appearance of wooden or hardwood floors in commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other business establishments. The process typically includes several steps:

Preparation: This step involves preparing the space for sanding. Furniture, equipment, and other items need to be removed from the area to provide clear access to the floors. Additionally, any nails, staples, or other protruding objects should be removed or properly secured to ensure the safety of the sanding process.

Sanding:Sanding is the main step in the floor refinishing process. It involves using specialized sanding machines to strip off the existing finish, stains, and imperfections on the surface of the wood. Different grits of sandpaper are used progressively, starting with a coarse grit to remove the top layers of finish and moving to finer grits for a smoother surface.

Stain Application (Optional): If the client desires a different colour or shade for the wood, this is the point where staining would be applied. Stains can help enhance the appearance of the wood and give it a refreshed look. Stain application is followed by a drying period.

Sealing and Finishing: After sanding and optionally staining, a protective finish is applied to the wood. This finish can be a polyurethane, varnish, or other protective coating that helps seal the wood and provides durability against wear and tear. Multiple coats may be applied, with sanding and cleaning between each coat to achieve a smooth and even finish.

Buffing: Buffing is done after the final coat of finish has dried. It involves using a fine-grit abrasive pad or a buffing machine to further smooth the surface and enhance the sheen of the finish.

Cleanup: Once the refinishing process is complete, the area is cleaned up to remove any dust, debris, or residue that may have accumulated during the sanding and finishing stages.

Curing and Drying: The newly finished floor needs time to fully cure and dry before it can be subjected to heavy foot traffic or the placement of furniture and equipment. This curing period can vary depending on the type of finish used and environmental conditions.

Final Inspection: Before allowing regular use of the space, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that the finish is even, smooth, and free from imperfections.

It's important to note that commercial floor sanding is a specialized process that requires skilled professionals who are experienced in handling the equipment, choosing the right sanding techniques, and applying appropriate finishes. The goal is to achieve a revitalized and aesthetically pleasing floor that can withstand the demands of a commercial setting.